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Mother Daze


Tales from the Imperfect Playground

Throughout her stories of misplaced toys, temper tantrums, and experiences as a physical education teacher, Christine offers observations that will ring true with all mothers. In short, this book offers a virtual high five to women for the gazillion things they manage to miraculously get done.


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Hi Friends!  Thanks, so much, for checking in... that really means a lot.  Here is a recent YouTube video regarding my book, Mother Daze... tales from the imperfect playground. All women deserve a high five!  Please share this link with your pals and continue to live your life free from guilt, regret or sadness.  This book is meant to make you smile.  So get out there and have some fun!





Don't cry over spilled juice.

The fool that coined that phrase pertaining to milk must have either been heavily medicated or not responsible for cleaning it up.  My independent minded daughter just tried to pour herself a drink.  In doing so, she lost her grip on the bottle and dropped the entire 1/2 gallon jug all over the kitchen floor.  As I wiped out an entire roll of toilet paper while scrubbing the tremendous puddle on hand and knee, I thought of those unrealistic words, "Don't cry over spilled milk."  Tell that to the pain in my temple.  Oh sure, once the job has been done and my feet no longer stick to the floor, it really doesn't matter... but when you're doing it---cry, baby cry!!!

Expressing Motherhood: The Hit Play About Motherhood

I have some fabulous news!!!  I am going to be a part of the Boston cast of Expressing Motherhood.  This hit show has performed to sold-out audiences in Los Angeles and New York City... now it's coming our way.  Along with fifteen fabulously fun women, we will share our tales of motherhood.

Some stories may be funny, some are sweet, some are sad... but all will come straight from our hearts to yours.  More details will follow.  You won't want to miss this. Buy your tickets now:http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/109756

The performances will be held at The Durrell Theatre
in Cambridge, Massachusetts on:

Thursday, September 30th @ 8PM
Friday, October 1st @ 8PM
Saturday, October 2nd @ 8 PM

For more information on past performances, check out the web site:


Cherish Your Mother

This excerpt has been taken from my book, Mother Daze... tales from the imperfect playground. Cherish Your Mother, gives the reader a chance to reflect on their own mother/daughter relationship.

I once chatted with a woman in her 60’s about the recent loss of her mother. After speaking with her at length about the sadness of loss, and what a terrible void she now had, she ended the conversation with three simple words, "Cherish your mother." Never did that statement ring so clearly until I became a mother myself, because quite frankly, no one loves us like our mother.

It was after the birth of my first child that everything became so clear. As I held his toasty warm body in my arms, I could truly appreciate my own mother’s intense love for her three girls -- a complete knowingness was finally identified. As a teacher, I fully appreciate the importance of a good substitute, but quite frankly, there is absolutely NO substitute for a good mother!

A mother’s overall influence on her children is huge. My entire life, I have rested comfortably in the glow of my mother’s love -- a complete bonus for my emotional safety and security. I couldn’t quite grasp that concept as a youngster, but as I have aged, I feel the intensity in my heart for my own three children and recognize that a mother’s protection is instinctual. Just observe a mother bird trying to safeguard her nest -- don’t go there.

When a mother asks her child, "How are you doing?" she honestly cares about the response, wholeheartedly and completely in tune. I fully appreciate the undeniable fact that my own mother provides a genuine concern for me that no one else can ever possess: No strings attached, unconditional love. But mother’s love is not always easy. Kids can choose to demonstrate such un-lovable behaviors, yet a mother’s love endures. As mothers, we are often fighting a daily battle -- physically and emotionally! Most children seem to present such an unfair, and often times, bizarre mentality with their parents: "Because I love you and feel safe in your care, I will now torture you." How sweet. It’s like a backwards compliment delivered on an emotional roller coaster. We, no doubt, possess the uncanny ability to withstand our child’s occasional verbal assaults and unending blows aimed right at our hearts, but, like the ultimate boxer, mothers can’t be knocked down.

To the mother’s of the world, I grant each a simple head nod -- no answers, no magic solutions, just the acknowledgment that we are doing a very difficult job and we’re doing it quite well. My hope is to remind women that they are the most valued ingredient for their families’ overall existence and happiness.

When I think of my own mother, I realize how often she provided the endless cuddles and arm tickles, and wiped away my tears with smiles and kisses. She can appreciate, first hand, what complete exhaustion feels like and knows all about the late night march. She did it. She experienced the craziness associated with raising children. For her patience, kindness, and genuine gift of concern, I will forever remember to cherish my mother.

Happy Mother's Day :)
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