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Mother Daze


Tales from the Imperfect Playground

Throughout her stories of misplaced toys, temper tantrums, and experiences as a physical education teacher, Christine offers observations that will ring true with all mothers. In short, this book offers a virtual high five to women for the gazillion things they manage to miraculously get done.


Mother Daze wins Mom's Choice Award :)

Mother Daze... tales from the imperfect playground recently won a Mom's Choice Award... Wahooo! Thank you, so much, for all the support from the friends and family members that continue to keep spreading the positive message. Check out the list and see what other parenting books are making a difference :)  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I am grateful and so happy to be able to share the smiles with the mamas.


One Year Later :)

Hello friends,
This time last year, the first official book launch party was ready to blast off. I can certainly admit that this has been a year to remember. I am so grateful to the hundreds of people that have spread the word, shared their own stories, and embraced Mother Daze with sincerity and grace. I don't mean to sound corny (sorry) but every word in that book gushed from my heart. I wanted to write something that reminds us to celebrate life---we have to live it with more smiles on our face. Everyone deserves happiness... even in the middle of complete and utter chaos (and frustration and sadness, madness, you name it...). But at the end of the day, we need our friends to dig us out of the ditch, dust us off, and remind us to laugh.

Cheers! I am a thankful girl :)


What October?

What is it about October that sends my thoughts jumping right towards the holidays?  Today at school, Halloween decorations were already up, children were discussing the costume choices they'll make, and my own three children were begging me (unsuccessfully) to decorate our house.  Seriously, I had not even flipped the calendar to the new month, yet we are already focused 30 days ahead.  And we wonder, "Where does the time go?"  Guilty as charged.  I am often the girl blasting through the days as I prepare for the tomorrows.  I need to start focusing more of my energy on the present.  This month, I pledge to focus on the changing color of Fall leaves, pick a pumpkin from a patch, buy some matching mums, attend a Fall Festival, make a candy apple or something motherly like that, then get my ass to the mall... Christmas is coming!!!  Laughing

Expressing Motherhood

Expressing Motherhood is here!

Tickets are still available for the hit show, but you have to act fast.


The cast and I will take the stage this week. After four shows in Los Angeles and one in New York City, the women of Expressing Motherhood are at it again. With an all new cast of real mothers sharing real stories about motherhood, Expressing Motherhood will be in Boston this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! This show is not to be missed.

September 30, 2010 8:00 PM  through October 02, 2010 8:00 PM

The Durrell Theater
820 Mass Ave.
Cambridge, MA

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